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new kitchen

all you need


from the croft

sitting room

cosy and comfortable, lots of books and games too


a nice big showerbath

double bedroom

kingsaize bed

our oldest photo of Strathcraig

not sure when, probably 1890 to 1910

bedroom 3

best if you are small, agile or both

a sitting room window

a fine day

Strathan Bay

looking over the gate

sun set

looking out to sea

the beach at Achmelvich

Dining Room

the table extends if required

the enclosed garden

twin bedroom

Strathcraig in winter

the sun doesn't always shine!


from over the bay

looking through to the kitchen

upstairs landing

we're being watched

snowed in

we were, for a couple of days

fishing boat heading out

comfy and cosy


or whins - they smell lovely too!

Loch Culag

on the way down to the village

Suilven and Canisp

from the Stoer road

dining room again


from the hill overlooking beach

light out to sea

you need a telephoto for this

lost lamb?

this one has been hand-fed

the next snow storm

just a shower!

Clachtoll beaches

deer on the croft

a couple had visited the garden

Split Rock, Clachtoll

a lot of berries foretells a hard winter!


the original "township"

the croft and bay

Baddidarach, Lochinver in the distance

stormy at Stoer Head


the tide is out

Achmelvich Castle

free entry

Loch Culag frozen

New Year 2010

Lochinver from Meallan a' Bhuic

why was "Pig Hill", across the bay from Strathcraig, so called?

Glas Leac

the islet, from the croft

a rocky shore on the croft

a summer evening

after dinner


Strathan Bay

from the window

Badnaban bay

from the croft

Altnabradan Mill

an old mill just north of Acmelvich beach

Lochinver Bay

from Inver Lodge Hotel

sitting room again

a 32" TV used to be considered large.........

sunset by the door

a grey day

lighthouse at Stoer Head

Stoer Head

Ardvreck Castle ruins

native fuschia

one of the few things that the deer won't eat

the sitting room

cormorants at Stoer Head


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